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Multiplication Mastered

The card game that teaches Multiplication and Division facts to a level of mastery.

Set 1 : x2, x5, x10, x4, x3, x6
Key Stage 1

Set 2:  x9, x11, x8, x7, x12, Square numbers
Key Stage 2

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Professor Thumb

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As recommended by National Numeracy

Thumbs Up For Mastery

Doesn’t just test tables - it teaches them first

Rapid progress in just 10 minutes a day

Develops social skills

Tracks progress and boosts motivation

Away from screens

How To Play

The aim of the game is to MASTER YOUR TABLES one fact at a time using the game of SNAP


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What’s inside:

Each set includes...

  • 6 Packs of Cards
  • 6 Certificates of Achievement
  • Practice Chart and Stickers
  • Progress Chart and Stickers
  • 6 Multiplication Answer Lists
  • 6 Division Answers Lists
  • Instructions to achieve Mastery

Set 1 : x2, x5, x10, x4, x3, x6
Key Stage 1

Set 2:  x9, x11, x8, x7, x12, Square numbers
Key Stage 2

Click below on the "BUY HERE" button to choose Set 1, Set 2 or both

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Set One

Key Stage One

Set Two

Key Stage Two

Testimonials & Success Stories

  • " As a primary school teacher for over 30 years and a tutor for as nearly as many, the one thing that I know is that children need to master their Times Tables to be able to do maths. Not only do times tables give confidence to learners, many of whom are frightened of the subject, but they give a secure foundation for tricky concepts such as fractions.  What a delight to find a game on the market which actually teaches both multiplication and division facts rather than testing them, which most games, in my experience, are designed to do. I have trialled this Times Table game, (which is essentially a game of Snap!) with pupils from Year 2 to Year 6 and what I love is the children's enjoyment of it. As they become more and more proficient, the game becomes fast and furious and usually very noisy! The difference from any other Times Table game is that Thumbs Up for Mastery achieves just that- mastery of each times table by introducing one new fact at a time. It is such a simple idea, yet so effective.  And the added bonus - it gets children away from screens and interacting with their family/class members. Brilliant! ”
    Janette Simpson. The School Room Teddington
  • "This game is brilliant for helping children master times tables. It's great for younger children just starting to learn and for increasing skills and confidence in older children as well. The game is managed by a helper who also joins in the game making it entertaining for the whole family. The game is great quality and looks very inviting. My girls love it. ”
    Emma V
  • "It makes a vital skill easy to learn AND no screen time. Highly recommended. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 24 December 2020 I wanted something for my son that was not encouraging screen time and I found it in this game. From the start he was keen to master his timestables and beat me every time. I was thrilled with how quick he was able to master his tables with seemingly very little effort. I am convinced that we would not have had the same outcome, had we chosen another game. Well designed and great quality. ”
    Laura O'C, Mum
  • Multiplication Mastered provides a highly accessible, ‘one fact at a time’, approach to learning tables whilst continually practising existing knowledge. This allows players to be motivated by demonstrating success. The game is professionally presented with resilient cards and whilst very useful for younger children it also provides experience of success for older children lacking confidence in these skills. The game only moves on once skills are mastered. Mastery is demonstrated by knowledge of division facts related to each ‘times table’. This is a key test of a child’s ability to interpret and use the tables. Reversing calculations and mathematical thinking has been recognised as higher level skill than conventional order calculations. Multiplication Mastered provides a way in which parents and educational support staff can ensure this vital skill is mastered. ”
    Chris, Former Head of Mathematics
  • As a teacher you have always known that times tables knowledge is fundamental to understanding mathematics and applying it. This game is very clever: children are cementing their facts in tiny, fun steps. It doesn't involve any screen time and creates a sociable and positive atmosphere in which to learn these essential facts. ”
    Laura, Primary Maths Subject Leader and parent

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